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DRIVEN BY quality ingredients

We strive to make sure that the products we deliver are not only of the highest standard, but also an innovative solution that changes our customers lives. 
Our work process

We manage & own everything we touch. We do it all from R&D, manufacturing, design, strategy, marketing, media, sales, and customer service for every brand we create.

product creation

Through search demand analytics we strategically create quality products we know our customers need & want.

distinctive design

We create award-winning product designs that transform our customers usage experience.

Monumental sales

Direct response is our primary sales method but we also partner with some of the largest online publishers in the health & wellness space.


Our Brands
Products We Sell
3 Yr Sales Growth %
Quality is the Best Business plan
We strive to create products that are organic & pure. Ingredients that are only derived from the earth and minimally processed. With the goal in mind to be as transparent as possible, we disclose the ingredient origin and processing methods with everything we produce. From the moment we started, we have set out on a mission to only source ingredients that are grown & crafted from the highest quality farms around the world.
global reach & distribution
In-House Fulfillment
We have an internal fulfillment warehouse. From this we ensure quick, accurate and timely delivery to our customers.
Five Star Reviews
Every product we produce has been designed to garnish amazing results. We constantly hone and revise formulas to keep our customers satisfied.
Robust Sales Network
Our distribution channels deliver supplements all over the world. We have established many key partnerships with top sellers globally.
Ryan Lantzy Head Shot
Ryan Lantzy
Ryan Lantzy is a dedicated business development and marketing professional with a proven track record of delivering tangible results in highly competitive industries. He has demonstrated success in building consumer relevant brands and high quality products which position companies as differentiated leaders. Mr. Lantzy is experienced in maintaining responsibility for profit and loss while increasing annual market share. He has a proven history of success in developing and implementing strategic plans and process improvements, which increase overall productivity and efficiency levels. Over the past 10 years, he has provided the training, direction, and support needed to achieve revenue growth and success for many companies.
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